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Eko is the world’s premier destination for stories shaped by you. Eko Studio is where they are born.

Creators can engage with inspirational projects, learn how to make them, and harness our authoring tool to build the stories of the future. If you’re a creator with the courage and curiosity to work in a new medium, and you’re passionate about putting your audience at the center of your story, start building your own groundbreaking projects on our free, intuitive, powerful set of tools.


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Eko is a tech and media company fueled by creativity. With in-person workshops, production grants, and a dedicated team for creative and technical support, you’re never flying solo while building your projects in Eko Studio.

Eko parties with Seed&Spark at Sundance

Join us for food, drinks, and a kiosk filled with never before seen Eko Originals.

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Playcrafting Interactive Storytelling Bootcamp

The bootcamp may be over, but we’re excited to announce the winner of the $10,000 grant.

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Virgin Produced + Eko Interactive Series Grant

Accepting submissions for a $20,000 cash grant toward the production of the first two episodes of an interactive series.

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